Our vision is a world where every woman can know her full potential.

Our Mission

Our mission is to end human trafficking by creating pathways to safe employment, empowering women and girls to break cycles of exploitation in their families and communities. 

A Girl with Much to Give

Our organization is named after a girl named Nomi, whom the founders met while traveling in Cambodia. By the time Nomi was eight years old, she had been previously trafficked by her stepfather and suffered unthinkable abuse. Nomi Network was founded to be the network behind Nomi, providing a future for thousands of other women and girls like her. Today, Nomi is a resilient young woman who radiates warmth despite the trauma she has faced. Nomi inspires us to keep fighting for a world where every woman and girl can know her full potential.

“While the situation in India is incredibly worrying, we have hope after hearing about the holistic response of Nomi Network and their women. Nomi Network’s economic empowerment program teaches women life skills, such as how to save money, and maintain proper hygiene. These skills are now essential to them and their communities.”

“Upon graduation from Nomi’s vocational training program, women can celebrate the economic stability that distances both them and their children from a trafficker’s grip.”

“Nomi Network partners with a training center in Cambodia where women ages 18 to 35 learn how to sew and create eco-friendly handbags and accessories. The handbags, made with recycled rice bags, are sold by retailers around the world. Ms. Mao says 100% of the profits from product sales are invested back into training and education opportunities for the women.”

Global Leadership

President & Co-Founder
VP of Innovation & Expansion, Co-Founder
VP of Global Operations
Director of Advancement
Director of International Programs
Director of U.S. Programs
Director of Global HR


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Our Board of Directors

Nomi Network’s Board of Directors is responsible for providing oversight, guidance, and leadership to the organization. These experienced and dynamic individuals leverage their talents, resources, and experience to further Nomi Network’s mission, while stewarding board responsibilities and duties to enhance the organization’s success.

Nomi Network Global Advisory Board

Our Board of Advisors is comprised of professionals across various sectors who offer their expertise and networks to advance Nomi Network’s mission.

Anna Zhang, KKR & Co. Inc                An-me Chung, Mozilla Foundation   
Breana Teubner, Gap Inc.              
Carina Reyes, Albertsons
Catherine Hartman, Harper+Scott
Charity Wallace, Wallace Global Impact                                   
Daisy PenaTwilio                         Danielle Classman, Target
Denise Gitsham
Edwin Keh, Hong Kong Textile Research Institute                              Emily Burroughs, BGSF                  Emily Nielson Jones, Imago Dei Fund Gayle Embrey, Embrey Interests and Embrey Family Foundation                Greg Furman, Luxury Council
Hannah Chang, The End Fund    James Vanreusel
Jamie Lund, Polyphonic. 
Jason Wang, Cypress Advisors
Johanna Cappon
John Damonti
, Bristol Myers Squibb    
Jonathan Ward, Miami-Dade County International Trade Consortium
Joshua Cheng, Veriti Management Kate Anketill
Kim Ogden Bridgespan
Kinsen Siu, Lafayette 148 
Laura Batty, PIMCO
Lauren Embrey Embrey Family Foundation
Leland Maschmeyer
Leslie Lang, Cassia Foundation    Paige Richey, Goldman Sachs   Radhi Chagarlamudi, Zuora  
Randy Belcher, Fossil            
Robert Kim, Caprock
Sarah Hayes, Patagonia            Shannon Sedgwick Davis, Bridgeway Foundation                                    Shivangi Khanna, Gingerbread Capital  Sridhar Seshadri, University of Austin Texas
Suman Saran
, Gap
Tim Ortez, Weingart Foundation
Tina Tran, Facebook
Tizia-Charlotte Frohwitter, ParTec Cluster Competence Center GmbH
Tong Ip, Neropol
Wesley Nguyen, Workforce Training and Education Training Boar

Nomi Network Dallas Advisory Board

 Emily Burroughs, BGSF                         Caren Locke, TIAA                           Elliott Goudge, Castlerock   Exploration                                               Lisa Rulli, Twenty-First Century Group 

Navolia Bryant, Premier Trailer Leasing Paige Richey, Goldman Sachs
Rhonda Davenport, Comerica      Sook Chua, EY

"Nomi Network makes a deep dive into individual lives. They provide internships for youth to hone their skillsets and help bring the parent(s) into the career development conversation so the individual has full wrap-around support. Change begins with one person, and Nomi Network is changing the lives of many on a daily basis.”
– Janet Jensen, Founder of The Jensen Project & Nomi Network Major Donor

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