Building a world where every woman and girl is free.

Nomi Network is part of the global effort to end human trafficking in our lifetime.

In our work, we see that poverty and economic marginalization are primary drivers that make women and girls vulnerable to exploitation.

By creating pathways to safe employment and economic stability, we prevent trafficking and empower women to rewrite the narratives for future generations. 

Our Solutions

Fuel confidence & agency

  • Affirmation-centered training to build confidence and leadership skills
  • Education on human trafficking and risks
  • Gender, child, and legal rights training
  • Internet safety
  • Financial literacy

Address barriers to work

  • Life skills and technical skills training
  • Job readiness skills (interviewing, resume-building, application process)
  • Career support for clients with criminal backgrounds
  • Resource coordination (bank accounts, IDs, transportation, child-care services)
  • Support with completing secondary education or obtaining higher education

Build a network of safety & support

  • Cohort model to build trust and camaraderie
  • Case management and follow up from Nomi Network staff to ensure long-term success

Facilitate job placement & retention

  • Mentorship and career planning
  • Partnering with employers to create job opportunities and facilitate job placement
  • Provide funds and support for small business start-up and expansion
  • Follow up to support job retention and upward mobility

Long-term outcomes include:

Women achieve economic agency and mobility

Reduction in trafficking vulnerability and cycles of poverty and exploitation broken

Increased gender equity as women and girls become leaders in their families, communities, and workplaces

Nomi Network serves women and girls in communities with the highest incidences of labor trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.

“I have a job that I actually enjoy.”
– Dallas program participant

We believe that all people have the right to be free — free to have ownership over their bodies, free to choose when and how they will participate in work, and free to live without the threat of violence and exploitation.

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