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“While the situation in India is incredibly worrying, we have hope after hearing about the holistic response of Nomi Network and their women. Nomi Network’s economic empowerment program teaches women life skills, such as how to save money, and maintain proper hygiene. These skills are now essential to them and their communities.”

“Upon graduation from Nomi’s vocational training program, women can celebrate the economic stability that distances both them and their children from a trafficker’s grip.”

“Nomi Network partners with a training center in Cambodia where women ages 18 to 35 learn how to sew and create eco-friendly handbags and accessories. The handbags, made with recycled rice bags, are sold by retailers around the world. Ms. Mao says 100% of the profits from product sales are invested back into training and education opportunities for the women.”

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“Nomi is an innovative non-profit that provides life changing opportunities for survivors of trafficking in India and Cambodia. They provide workforce and life skills for the women they serve, connect them to jobs, and help companies with responsible sourcing. They also help raise awareness of the issue to ensure all people understand the urgency around it, and how to help. They are uniquely successful in each of these areas, and serve as a model to other non-profits in the field and around the world.”
– Natalie, Supporter