Over 49.6 million
people are currently
being trafficked.

Human trafficking is the exploitation of people for profit through recruiting, transporting, transferring, or harboring them by force, fraud, or deception. Many forms of human trafficking disproportionately affect women and girls.

Human trafficking is fueled by generational cycles of poverty and exploitation.


of those experiencing commercial sexual exploitation worldwide are women and girls.


of those forced into early marriage worldwide are women and girls.


of victims in the U.S. are experiencing homelesness when recruited into a trafficking situation.


of trafficked U.S. children come from child social services or the foster care system.

Types of
Human Trafficking

Fighting Trafficking on Multiple Fronts

  1. Women and girls vulnerable to trafficking
    We provide training in job readiness skills and technical skills
  2. Private sector employers
    We connect women to jobs and promote fair labor standards
  3. Corporate brands and consumers
    We create transparent supply chains by connecting consumers with ethically-made products in our shop
  4. General Public We raise awareness about human trafficking and advocate for an end to exploitation
“Nomi Network has a very thoughtful approach that respects the dignity, and autonomy, of those who are in their programs. They offer a holistic approach so that the family is positively impacted as well, breaking the generational poverty cycle.”
– Annika M, Volunteer

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