Career Opportunities​​

We strive to end human trafficking through economic empowerment. Join us.

We are a results-driven, entrepreneurial team of thinkers and doers who are committed to empowering women and girls. Our team is growing fast, and we are looking for skilled and passionate individuals to join our team. 

Open Positions:

Development Director: The Development Director will be crucial in advancing the organization’s mission by leading and executing comprehensive fundraising strategies. This position requires a strategic thinker, a relationship builder, and a results-oriented professional who is passionate about making a difference. This person will oversee Nomi Network’s development team and will be pivotal in securing the financial resources necessary to advance our mission and create a lasting impact.

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Development Administrative Assistant: The Development Administrative Assistant will have the opportunity to join our dedicated, mission-motivated Development team and perform various duties such as providing support to the Director of Advancement, performing donor research, maintenance of donor records, leading donor appreciation efforts, and regular reporting of donor activity. The Development Administrative Assistant also assists in donor database management, communications, presentations, and even management. 

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Program Manager – Houston: The Program Manager needs to be passionate and resourceful to spearhead the launch and ongoing management of our adult workforce development program in Houston, Texas. This program will equip survivors of human trafficking with the skills and support needed to secure safe and sustainable employment, paving the path toward financial independence and long-term well-being. This dynamic and impactful role offers a unique opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of those caught in the cycle of exploitation.  

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Our Core Values:

Our core values reflect our culture and shape the staff and work experience of Nomi Network teams around the world.

Purpose: Our day-to-day work is linked to a larger shared purpose, which stems from the belief in the power of transformation and that every woman’s inherent value should be realized and celebrated. Our purpose, in service of our mission, drives us to perform our jobs with a spirit of excellence and joy. Purpose is at the center of how we engage with our staff, partners, clients, and donors.

Compassion: We are a caring organization that recognizes the unique challenges faced by many worldwide, and we provide support with kindness, empathy, and generosity. We see the inherent value in each person and seek to treat each person with dignity and respect, ensuring that they are seen and heard. We act with compassion internally with our staff and volunteers and externally with our beneficiaries, partners, and donors.

Continuous Learning: We thrive when we constantly grow as individuals and as an organization. To this end, we actively identify new areas for learning and growth and approach new situations with humility and a desire to understand the unknown. We are not afraid of bold action or taking risks because we know we will learn from our setbacks and failures. We place a high value on employee development at every level.

Ownership: Every person on our team is accountable to our mission, values, and goals. We practice extreme ownership, where employees take the initiative to solve problems and address roadblocks, even if they fall outside their direct responsibility. We strive for measurable impact and high-quality outcomes, with each employee embracing accountability for their part. We build trust with each other and those we serve by doing what we say we will do and proactively responding to needs that arise.

Service: We value putting others first and believe that a strong person serves those around them. We invest in making intentional decisions and carrying them out to benefit others, and we are passionate about helping others succeed and grow. We seek to provide answers and resources when they will make a positive difference. We serve with a grateful heart, an encouraging word, and a lighthearted smile, believing that this approach provides a healing presence.

Leaders at all levels in our organization seek to serve those they lead by putting others above themselves and exercising their leadership power by displaying humility, seeking collaboration, and empowering and uplifting their teams.

“Nomi Network is truly a team that is rare to come around. They are so focused on their vision and genuinely care for the work that they do in fighting human trafficking. You could visibly experience this in how they immerse themselves in their work and their zeal when they speak about the work.”
– Angelica, former seasonal staff member