Jessica Pham

VP of Global Operations

Jessica Pham

Jessica has over fifteen years of experience working in the nonprofit sector in the areas of operations, fundraising, program management, strategic growth, board development, and consulting for organizations domestically and internationally. She has an undergraduate degree in International Development from UCLA and an MPA in International Policy and Nonprofit Management from NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service. Jessica also serves on the Board for Freely In Hope, an NGO that equips survivors of sexual violence in Kenya and Zambia. As a strategic and empathetic leader, Jessica is committed to helping NGOs build culturally competent and dignity-enhancing services for women struggling with trauma and poverty. At Nomi Network, Jessica oversees global programs, finance, operations, people & culture, and organization-wide performance against strategic goals. When not in the office, she enjoys cooking, writing, and spending time with her husband and children. When in the office, you can find her making spreadsheets and drinking tea.

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