Youth Meet Female Leaders From Various Industries and Imagine New Possibilities

February 10, 2023
Dallas, Texas

Field trips and workforce exposure events allow the adolescent clients to connect with professional women and learn invaluable job readiness skills.

Last fall, the participants in our Dallas Youth Workforce Development Program took a field trip to Southwest Airlines headquarters and learned about available career paths. During the field trip, they learned networking tips and asked many insightful questions regarding conflict resolution, teamwork, job opportunities, and Southwest’s procedures and protocols for minors. 

Our program staff is encouraged every time they witness clients asking questions and sharing takeaways from the events. Some other events this year have included a robot making workshop with female tech professionals at Capital One, a graphic design workshop from a designer at Penguin Publishing House, financial literacy and “business-professional” styling events with leaders at TBK Bank, and speed networking events with employees from Amazon, Comerica, Boka Powell, and Texas 811!

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