Celebrate HER | Meet Tara

Tara story

Be the network behind women and girls breaking cycles of exploitation. In her grandmother’s tender embrace, Tara felt truly safe. Tara moved in with her grandmother after child services took her away from her mother and her abusive boyfriend. When her grandma passed away, Tara was tempted to follow her mother’s path into sex work. […]

Celebrate HER | Meet Aashvi

Be the network behind women and girls breaking cycles of exploitation. In Aashvi’s rural hometown, girls face high trafficking risks due to limited education and financial independence. Our program manager aided Aashvi in launching a her own jewelry-making business. Within months she crafted a profit-maximizing business plan. Now, Aashvi mentors other women, empowering them to […]

Celebrate HER | Meet Sela

Be the network behind women and girls breaking cycles of exploitation. Sela relied on farming for sustenance due to limited education opportunities for women in her region. Before our Workforce Development Program, she earned $60 monthly. After joining, her income rose to $100 within three months. Today, Sela plans to expand her poultry farm and […]

Dallas Youths Leave Local Hair Salon with Broadened Networks, Fresh Cuts, and Newfound Confidence

Texas, USA In collaboration with Crecer Dallas, a transformative Latina-owned salon, Nomi Network brought eight youths on an inspiring journey, starting with a salon tour and panel talk where hairstylists shared inspiring stories about what led them into the world of hair. The engaged youths actively sought insights into the industry and uncovered the potential […]

Inaya’s Tailoring Business Earnings Fuel Her Passion for Teaching Economically Vulnerable Children in Her Neighborhood

Bihar, India At the age of 13, Inaya married her 30-year-old husband. Although child brides are not usually allowed to complete their education, Inaya received a secondary education after marriage. Inaya aspired to be a teacher, vowing never to let others face the same challenges that she endured through child marriage. During her time in […]

Daevy Receives Her First Promotion, Investing in Business Ventures to Support Her Family

Banteay Meanchey, Cambodia In Cambodia, 55% of teens drop out of school by the age of 17, making them more susceptible to trafficking and exploitation.This rang true for Daevy, who was forced to stop her education in twelfth grade due to her family’s poverty level. However, Daevy’s life took a turn when she began our […]

Teenage Aparna Secures Tech Internship, Earning Over Half of Her Father’s Government Job Income

Odisha, India Aparna, despite being enrolled in high school when she joined our Adolescent Girls Empowerment Program (AGEP), faced an elevated risk of commercial sex exploitation due to her proximity to a prominent red-light district and her family’s impoverished circumstances. Participating in AGEP, Aparna gained knowledge about children’s and women’s rights, financial literacy, and workplace […]

A Month with Adithi…

A Month With Adithi

HELP US REACH MORE GIRLS LIKE ADITHI IN 2024. JOIN OUR MONTHLY GIVING PROGRAM THIS HUMAN TRAFFICKING AWARENESS MONTH. $10 Promote small local enterprises started by trainees $25 Equip women and girls to be leaders in their communities $50 Provide workforce development training for one woman $100 Create pathways for safe jobs with vetted employment […]

Daevy’s Journey To Freedom

Today we are celebrating Daevy’s journey to freedom. Donate Now By the time they are 17 years old, 55% of teens in Cambodia will have dropped out of school, making them more susceptible to trafficking and exploitation. This reigned true for Daevy, who was forced to stop her education in twelfth grade due to family […]

Katrina’s Journey to Freedom

Today we are celebrating Katrina’s journey to freedom. Katrina is a Black, justice-involved youth whose family history of trauma and substance abuse increases the likelihood of her experiencing economic vulnerability. Raised in an area where systemic inequalities perpetrate this vulnerability, Katrina joined Nomi Network’s Youth Workforce Development program, where she participated in a four-part financial […]