After Reaching Economic Freedom, Rashmi Rises as a ‘Responding Hero’ in Her Community

February 9, 2023

West Bengal, India

Rashmi always took pride in her studies. Financing her schooling was difficult for her father, who is a painter and does not earn much. She is also the eldest of her parents’ daughters, a status which brought other challenges. According to local customs, her younger sisters could only get married if she did so first. At the age of 23, Rashmi was forced to marry and quit her job at a nursing home. She moved in with her husband and mother-in-law and gave birth to a baby girl. 

A neighborhood friend told Rashmi about Nomi Network’s training program. By nature, Rashmi is optimistic, focused, and committed, so it was no surprise when she excelled in the program. Rashmi also often extended a helping hand to other trainees. Although the first phase of her training was virtual due to the pandemic, she learned garment-making in person during the technical skills phase.

Currently, Rashmi runs her own small tailoring business and loves working for herself! Since her involvement with Nomi Network in 2020, Rashmi has served as a community outreach worker during the pandemic, providing valuable PPE and virus updates to her community. Rashmi has also served in our Disaster Relief Program as a “Responding Hero” as her neighborhood recovered from a flood. Rashmi is a true role model in her community and believes she has finally found a sense of purpose.

*Name changed to protect privacy

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