Sela Nearly Doubles Her Poultry Farm Profits, Garnering Support from Her Husband

August 4, 2023

Sela raised chicken naturally for almost 20 years before joining our workforce program in Poipet, Cambodia. Before the program, Sela made around $60/mo, but now she earns up to $100/mo!

Growing up in a region where higher education isn’t the norm for women, Sela holds a primary school education level. As a result, Sela depends on her rice and chicken farming abilities to make ends meet and feed her family. After joining the workforce training in February, Sela learned how to take better care of her chickens, improving their hygiene and feeding routines so they can grow faster and healthier. Now that her chickens mature faster, Sela can sell them in three and a half months instead of the previous five months. Sela now has around 100 chickens, including 26 hens and two roosters! Her next goal is to expand her inventory and build another coop to house her growing poultry farm. Her husband is the biggest supporter of this expansion.

Thanks to Sela’s heightened business skills attained through the program, Sela is gradually breaking cycles of poverty in her family and community. As more women are economically empowered like Sela, gender equity can rise, and vulnerabilities to human trafficking can decrease.

If you want to learn more about how we create employment pathways to prevent human trafficking, click the link below!

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