Samira’s Journey to Freedom

November 23, 2023

Today we are celebrating Samira's journey to freedom.

In the heart of every mother lies an unwavering desire to provide the best life possible for her children. Samira, a mother of two, experienced the challenges firsthand when her elder daughter eloped and married at a young age, sparking fears that her younger daughter might follow a similar path. Due to poverty and societal norms, nearly one in four girls in India are married before their 18th birthday. The disruption of education hinders access to gainful employment, which keeps women economically vulnerable if the marriage fails or if the husband struggles to make ends meet. When a woman is forced to step up as the breadwinner without adequate education or access to safe jobs, she becomes vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation. Samira wanted to write a different story for her younger daughter. Whatever it took, Samira wanted to allow her daughter to focus on education and cultivate the skills essential for self-reliance.

Samira’s husband, an e-rickshaw driver, worked tirelessly to support their family, but financial constraints hindered him from aiding Samira’s dream of quality education for their youngest daughter. Eager to turn her aspirations into reality, Samira enrolled in Nomi Network’s skill training sessions, displaying an inspiring commitment to learning. Despite facing challenges, she attended sessions early and excelled in acquiring new skills.

Upon completing the training, Samira’s dedication bore fruit as she secured a job at a local Honda showroom, earning a monthly salary of 8,000 Rupees, an excellent income for a three-family household in her region. This brought stability to her home and enabled her to achieve a significant milestone – enrolling her younger daughter in college!

Samira is overjoyed as she witnesses her daughter walk the path to economic freedom, where she can define her own success. This transformation is not just about a job; it’s about creating a family legacy of empowerment where her daughters and granddaughters can THRIVE, rising above the snares of poverty and exploitation. You can be a part of Samira’s journey and the journeys of many like her. 

Help build a world free from human trafficking this holiday season. If you want to help more women and girls from challenged economic backgrounds reach freedom and THRIVE like Samira, donate today at the button below. Your donation will help survivors, women, and girls throughout India, Cambodia, and Dallas overcome barriers to safe, sustainable employment.

*name changed to protect privacy

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