Saachi Jumpstarts Her Career in Business Development, Landing a Promotion and Overcoming Her Fear of Forced Marriage

February 10, 2023
West Bengal, India

Growing up, Saachi always feared that, like many girls in her village, she would be forced to marry at a young age. She dreamed of finishing her university studies and helping her family financially, but her future was sidetracked when her father became implicated in a criminal case. After her father’s case, Saachi was ostracized by her community. Since she could no longer lean on her father’s income, she needed to figure out how to support herself without resorting to marriage. Around this time, Saachi eventually learned of Nomi Network’s workforce development programming from neighborhood friends.

Throughout the program, Saachi learned tools to manage her past experiences. With those tools, she pursued further training in sales and marketing and now works as a business development executive. Due to her high performance, she recently received a promotion!

Today, Saachi earns a high salary of INR 10,000/month––almost INR 3,000 more than the local minimum wage. She credits Nomi Network with helping her overcome depression, realize her worth, and create a life she feared would never be possible. Saachi visits her family on the weekends and is a role model of resilience and determination for young women in her village.

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