Inaya’s Tailoring Business Earnings Fuel Her Passion for Teaching Economically Vulnerable Children in Her Neighborhood

February 20, 2024
Bihar, India

At the age of 13, Inaya married her 30-year-old husband. Although child brides are not usually allowed to complete their education, Inaya received a secondary education after marriage. Inaya aspired to be a teacher, vowing never to let others face the same challenges that she endured through child marriage.

During her time in the Nomi Network Workforce Development Program, Inaya honed her tailoring skills with the guidance of a mentor from her community. Taking the entrepreneurial route, she set up her own shop, which has become highly profitable. This success has not only allowed her to make substantial investments in her family but also enabled her to open a school for economically vulnerable children in her neighborhood. She charges the parents a low and affordable tuition rate and finds deep purpose in her work. Along the way, she has learned what motherhood means to her: the act of caring for and loving another person.

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