Despite Cultural Norms, Deepti Relocates for a New Job Opportunity, Becoming Financially Independent

February 10, 2023

Despite Cultural Norms, Deepti Relocates for a New Job Opportunity, Becoming Financially Independent

Deepti grew up in an underprivileged household where her father struggled as the sole provider for his family of seven. While she never experienced
trafficking or exploitation firsthand, her family’s socio-economic positioning made them highly vulnerable. In Odisha, which ranks nine among India’s poorest states, women like Deepti are at significant risk of labor trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation, and forced marriage.16 Most families within Deepti’s rural region own the land they cultivate for their livelihood, but Deepti’s family could never afford their own land––as a result, they struggled to make ends meet. After learning about our program from her aunt, Deepti enrolled in 2020, taking the first phase virtually. The following year, Deepti was set to start technical training in garment manufacturing with our job creation partner, Shahi Exports, one of the largest, ethically-run garment manufacturers in India. The opportunity required her to move away from her village, so her family initially resisted. In Deepti’s culture, girls who leave their hometowns for jobs in urban areas are frowned upon. After our
program trainers educated Deepti’s family about the opportunity at Shahi, they were more at ease about her relocating. Deepti went on to complete
the technical training at Shahi Exports, where she was offered a job with a competitive salary, health insurance, and benefits! Today Deepti is proud that she can provide for herself and send financial support to her seven-member household back home.


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