Tessa McGlynn Sert

Senior Program Engagement Associate

Tessa McGlynn Sert

Tessa joins Nomi Network from her role as the Education Supervisor at Refugee Services of Texas – Dallas, where she actively connected underserved youth with essential resources for growth and prosperity. Motivated by a genuine love for connecting underserved youth with the resources they need to thrive, Tessa brings a passion for education and empowerment.

With a background in International Political Economy from The University of Texas at Dallas, Tessa has demonstrated her commitment to fostering connections and achieving positive outcomes for the community. 

In her current position at Nomi Network as the Senior Program Engagement Associate, Tessa plays a crucial role in managing partnerships, overseeing the mentorship program, and actively engaging in client development. Among her many achievements is successfully connecting youth to mentors and employment opportunities, promoting their overall workforce development. Her dedication to creating meaningful connections and opportunities matches the culture found at Nomi Network. 

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