Melanie Rivera-Burgos

Senior Program Outreach Coordinator

Melanie Rivera-Burgos

Melanie brings a background in education and nonprofit work to Nomi Network, having previously interned at a nonprofit for youth leadership development, served as an afterschool teacher for under-resourced youth, and as a summer teacher for a nonprofit aiding youth experiencing homelessness. 

Motivated by the pressing issue of human trafficking, particularly prevalent in Texas, Melanie is dedicated to contributing to a solution. Recognizing the transformative potential of providing pathways to safe and sustainable employment, she is passionate about removing barriers for under-resourced youth to help them achieve their full potential. That, coupled with her extensive nonprofit experience, showcases her commitment to making a positive impact.

Melanie holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Sciences from Texas Tech University, complemented by a Social Media and Digital Marketing certification from Nonprofit Tech for Good.

As the Senior Program Outreach Coordinator at Nomi Network, Melanie collaborates with community and workforce partners to organize workforce exposure events, continuing education initiatives, and life skills workshops. Her responsibilities also extend to overseeing communications, marketing, and branding for the Dallas program. Over the past two years, Melanie has successfully organized over 60 events, exposing more than 100 youth to diverse industries, educational pathways, and essential life skills.

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