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A father’s love for his daughter is one of the most powerful forces in this world. In honor of Father’s Day, let’s protect girls most vulnerable to trafficking by providing tailored job skills training and safe, long-term employment opportunities. 

Today 49.6 million are being trafficked. 80% of those trafficked by commercial sexual exploitation are women and girls. In Cambodia, 35% of the girls exploited for sex are under sixteen. Globally, 66% of those forced into early marriage are young girls. We see this first-hand in rural India, where the dowry system is still alive and well. Our staff meets countless girls forced to drop out of school to get married or find a job so they aren’t seen as much of a financial burden to their families. 60% of trafficked U.S. children come from child social services or the foster care system. In Dallas, runaway youth can be approached by sex traffickers within 48 hours of leaving home.

What is the common thread through all of these stats? As fathers, mothers, and fellow humans, we must take better care of our children and youth, especially girls. The reality is many children aren’t fortunate enough to be raised in economically secure households or with families adequately equipped to protect them from the vulnerabilities traffickers seek out.

This Father’s Day, we are raising $25,000 for our workforce development and economic empowerment programming. These programs have helped over 20,000 women and girls gain the financial literacy skills, sector-specific technical training, job placement, and entrepreneurial support needed to rise above the vulnerabilities of economic marginalization. 

Give today in honor of a father figure, male ally, or daughter, and Nomi Network will send them a card from you! 


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