Our vision is a world where every woman and girl can know her full potential.

Nomi Network aims to end human trafficking by creating pathways to safe employment, empowering women and girls to break cycles of exploitation in their families and communities.

Our Impact

Over 20,000
women and girls directly impacted since 2012

In the
Workforce (in 2022)

women in workforce development programs in India & Cambodia
attained, retained, or improved employment globally
youth exposed to new career pathways in Dallas

Empowerment &
Advocacy (in 2022)

individuals reached through our community development programs
adolescent girls complete empowerment program in india
regions served (3 states in India, 1 region in Cambodia, and 1 region in U.S.)
companies & 250 corporate leaders engaged at our first annual Corporate Summit

By creating economic opportunities for survivors and women and girls most vulnerable to trafficking, we see them break generational cycles of poverty and exploitation.

Saachi Jumpstarts Her Career in Business Development, Landing a Promotion and Overcoming her Fear of Forced Marriage

Growing up, Saachi always feared that, like many girls in her village, she would be forced to marry at a young age. She dreamed of finishing her university studies and helping her family financially, but her...
West Bengal, IndiaRead more

After Reaching Economic Freedom, Rashmi Rises as a ‘Responding Hero’ in Her Community

Rashmi always took pride in her studies. Financing her schooling was difficult for her father, who is a painter and does not earn much. She is also the eldest of her parents’ daughters, a status which brought other challenges...
West Bengal, IndiaRead more

Newly Employed, with Her Own Savings Account –– Mealea Reduces Economic Vulnerability in Her Family

By living in a border city like Poipet, where traffickers prey on economically vulnerable families seeking higher wages, Mealea was highly susceptible to exploitative jobs and labor trafficking snares. Mealea dreamed of financial stability and a secure job to support her family...
Poipet, CambodiaRead more

Youth Meet Female Leaders From Various Industries and Imagine New possibilities

Field trips and workforce exposure events allow the adolescent clients to connect with professional women and learn invaluable job readiness skills. Last fall, the youth in our Dallas Youth Workforce Development Program took a field trip to Southwest Airlines headquarters and learned about all the available career paths. During the field trip, they learned networking tips and asked many insightful questions regarding conflict resolution, teamwork, job opportunities, and...
Dallas, Texas, USARead more

Nomi Network serves women and girls in communities with the highest incidences of labor trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.

Our Solutions

Fuel confidence & agency

  • Affirmation-centered training to build confidence and leadership skills
  • Education on human trafficking and risks
  • Gender, child, and legal rights training
  • Internet safety
  • Financial literacy

Address barriers to work

  • Life skills and technical skills training
  • Job readiness skills (interviewing, resume-building, application process)
  • Career support for clients with criminal backgrounds
  • Resource coordination (bank accounts, IDs, transportation, child-care services)
  • Support with completing secondary education or obtaining higher education

Build a network of safety & support

  • Cohort model to build trust and camaraderie
  • Case management and follow up from Nomi Network staff to ensure long-term success

Facilitate job placement & retention

  • Mentorship and career planning
  • Partnering with employers to create job opportunities and facilitate job placement
  • Provide funds and support for small business start-up and expansion
  • Follow up to support job retention and upward mobility

Long-term outcomes include:

Women achieve economic agency and mobility

Reduction in trafficking vulnerability and cycles of poverty and exploitation broken

Increased gender equity as women and girls become leaders in their families, communities, and workplaces

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There is strength in interdependence and
partnership. Thank you for supporting us in 2022.