Melanie Riden

Program Manager

Melanie Riden

Bringing over 23 years of dedicated experience in the nonprofit sector, Melanie transitioned to Nomi Network from Mothers Against Drunk Driving after a brief hiatus. Passionate about working with women and youth facing challenges in opportunities and voice, she sought the opportunity to contribute to the empowerment of the girls at Nomi Network.

Melanie is equipped with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health. She also co-authored the Girl Power Curriculum for Girls Inc. of Tarrant County. With a robust background spanning more than two decades, Melanie has actively worked with women and children in grades 0-12, showcasing curriculum and program development expertise. Over her extensive career, she has held management roles for over 15 years.

Melanie serves as the Program Manager for the Dallas Program at Nomi Network. Her commitment to leveraging her wealth of experience and dedication to creating impactful initiatives to oversee and enhance programs to uplift the girls served aligns seamlessly with Nomi Network’s mission. She is enthusiastic about contributing to the organization’s ongoing success.

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