Courtney Smith

Workforce Trainer

Courtney Smith

Courtney, joining Nomi Network from her role as a Team Lead at Invited Clubs, brings a wealth of experience within the educational system as a teacher, mentor, and coach. Motivated by the belief that everyone deserves a safe pathway to employment, Courtney is committed to empowering clients with the knowledge and experiences necessary to make informed life choices.

Courtney holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education focusing on grades EC – 4, complemented by a Master of Education degree specializing in applied behavioral studies. Her educational background includes TEA certifications in Generalist EC – 4 and K – 12 Art, reflecting her comprehensive expertise in the field.

As the Workforce Trainer in Dallas, Courtney’s role encompasses guiding students through challenging concepts, collaborating on curriculum development, and fostering a positive and enriching educational experience for all Nomi Network youth.

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