Meet this Freedom Bearer: Kanary on Motherhood

Kanary and a Cambodian Women's Support Group Member

Kanary is the Founder and Director of Cambodian Women’s Support Group (CWSG)––a social business creating job opportunities for women through pattern making, sewing, embroidery, and handicraft production. In 2015, Kanary was approached by 17 women who lost their jobs at a sewing center in Phnom Penh. After months of settling for laborious cleaning jobs, they […]

Meet this Freedom Bearer: Roshan on Motherhood

Roshan and her adopted daughter, Nomi

Like many women and girls from her hometown in Bihar, Roshan lived in poverty with a high risk of being trafficked. But Roshan rewrote the narrative of her life by joining the very first cohort of our Workforce Development Program, a two-year foundation training consisting of life and technical skills training, group counseling, job placement, […]