Supei Liu

Position: VP of Innovation & Expansion, Co-Founder, Nomi Network
Category: Featured speaker

Supei Liu has a mind for business, a spirit of entrepreneurship, and a humanitarian heart. She has over 25 years of international development and business experience in both the nonprofit and private sectors. After working and living in rural and urban communities in India and Cambodia for a decade, Supei was instrumental in building Nomi Network’s global operations. Leveraging her expertise in global supply chains, from being a planner and buyer for some of the top fashion brands at Saks Fifth Avenue, she has contributed to NN becoming the leading workforce development organization in the anti-trafficking space. “A world where every woman knows her full potential” is not just Nomi Network’s vision but Supei’s life’s work and guiding principle as she continues to explore hidden opportunities and untapped potential as a strategic and compassionate leader, writer, and thinker.

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