Yevette “Vette” Christy

Position: Founder, The Reclamation Project
Category: Featured speaker

Rev. Yevette Christy is a United Methodist Elder and an insightful survivor-servant leader. After surviving twenty-eight years of active drug addiction, eighteen years as a victim of commercial sexual exploitation, and giving birth to the son of her trafficker, Yevette began the ongoing work of metabolizing her trauma. Yevette’s lived experience uniquely qualifies her to offer support and encouragement for individuals and agencies striving to be advocates and allies for women who have survived commercial sexual exploitation. Yevette’s mission is to advocate for vulnerable women whose stories are often used to promote the work of anti-trafficking agencies while being left unseen and underequipped to navigate the complex terrain of reclaiming their own lives successfully.

Rev. Christy is currently working on her Doctor of Ministry degree at Brite Divinity School at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas., while she develops The Reclamation Project, a non-profit agency that promotes the principles of mindfulness, somatic healing, and the need for pathways to socioeconomic change while placing resources in the hands of survivors.  Yevette has also recently completed her manuscript, /hôr/, A Sex Worker’s Journey, and we anticipate its release in 2023.


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