Building a world where every woman and girl is free.

Nomi Network is part of the global effort to end modern slavery in our lifetime.

In our work, we see that poverty is the primary driver that makes women and girls vulnerable to exploitation.

By focusing on creating pathways to safe employment and economic stability, we prevent trafficking and empower women to rewrite the narratives for future generations. 

Our Work:

Workforce Development

We train and develop women to remove barriers to employment and increase financial stability. We provide life skills training, sector-specific technical training, job placement or support opening a business, and follow up encourage job retention. 

Nomi Network
Our Work:

Fashion Incubator

We provide advanced fashion and production skills with our Nomi International Fashion Training school. Courses offer training for social enterprises and local entrepreneurs to hone their craft and provide work for survivors and individuals at risk of trafficking.

Nomi Network
Our Work:

Ethical Supply Chains

We connect corporate brands and consumers to ethical supply chains through our Nomi brand. We are combatting exploitative practices within the fashion industry that fuel modern slavery to transform supply chains and restore power and dignity to those who are most vulnerable.

Our Work:

Adolescent Girls Program

We provide young girls with a safe place to socialize and learn skills that heightens their existing schooling— helping them pursue a future free of early marriage or forced labor. Girls learn their rights and become advocates for change within their communities. 

By creating economic opportunities for survivors and women at risk of human trafficking, we prevent human trafficking and break generational cycles of slavery.

We believe that all people have the right to be free — free to have ownership over their bodies, free to choose when and how they will participate in work, and free to live without the threat of violence and exploitation.

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