Creating economic opportunities for survivors and women at risk of human trafficking
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Types of Modern Day Slavery

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Human trafficking is fueled by generational cycles of poverty and exploitation.


Fighting Trafficking on Multiple Fronts

We believe that ending modern day slavery requires a multi-level approach:

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  1.  Women and girls

    - We provide training in life skills and technical skills

  2. Social Enterprises and Local Organizations

    - We build up the capacity to serve survivors and at risk women

  3. Private Sector employers

    - We connect women to jobs and promote fair labor standards

  4. Corporate Brands and Consumers

    - We create transparent supply chains by connecting corporate brands with fair sourcing, and consumers with ethically-made products

  5. General Public

    - We raise awareness about human trafficking and advocate for an end to modern day slavery

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Nomi Network believes that by providing safe and sustainable economic opportunities, we protect women from trafficking and empower them to rewrite the futures of generations to come.