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Together we can…

Join Nomi Network’s Holiday Campaign to Celebrate Her. The mother, daughter, sister, and wife who are taking steps to become financially independent.  

Together we have empowered over 4,000 women in 2018 in two countries across eight program sites. Your gift today will help us reach our goal of $250,000 to expand our programs to reach even more survivors and women at risk of human trafficking in 2019.

Celebrate her success. Donate towards her future.

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Watch Nomi Network’s Theory of Change come to life…

We, at Nomi Network, strive to undo the cycles of poverty and oppression that keep women vulnerable to trafficking by taking on a participant-centric approach, working collaboratively with trainees and their communities to create the best programs for women to get their first job and reintegrated into the labor force.

As we enter this season of giving, we ask you to consider donating so that we can continue to expand our programs to support survivors of trafficking. This season, we hope to reach our goal of $250,000.

Watch our Theory of Change (above) to learn how Nomi Network works to transform the lives of women in Asia through training programs and job opportunities.

Celebrate change. Donate towards her future.

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What could grow when you invest in her?

They have the tenacity, and they have the commitment, and they have the know-how.
— Supei Liu, Nomi Network Co-Founder and Vice President of Global Initiatives

Nomi Network is committed to helping each woman reach her full potential by empowering her with marketable skills and creating a community of support where she can grow and flourish.

Celebrate growth. Donate towards her future.

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We started with one girl named Nomi, but now we are 9,000 strong

This incremental investment has a huge ripple effect. Reaching 100,000 women is not impossible, we will get there.
— Diana Mao, President and Co-Founder of Nomi Network

Your life-changing investment will help change the future for girls like Nomi. Together we can shut the doors to brothels everywhere and break cycles of poverty that force girls into these dire circumstances.

Celebrate Her. Donate towards her future.

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