Give Hope

Nomi Network is a nonprofit that creates economic opportunities for survivors and women at risk of human trafficking.


Human Trafficking is real

Approximately 32 million people live in slavery today. This modern day form of slavery is a $99 Billion industry. Said to be the most profitable illicit industry in the world, it is quickly growing and surpassing the illegal sale of drugs and arms.

“I believe that in a relatively short amount of time and with the help of strategic financial partners, Nomi Network has achieved sales to prove the concept of creating sustainable jobs for survivors of human trafficking by establishing strong market linkages. I have appreciated the thoughtfulness and skills Nomi Network brings to the table – including relevant experience in design, manufacturing, wholesale, and retail. And even more impressive, the organization is run with a deeply felt social awareness and eye towards advocacy.”

Greg Furman
The Luxury Marketing Council

“Nomi Network provides a unique and vital market-based approach to assisting survivors of human trafficking in Cambodia and India. By linking rural artisans to retailers in the West, Nomi is able to mitigate vulnerability to trafficking for each person it works with. The Nomi model is an important one and should be scaled as broadly as possible.”

Siddharth Kara
Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard School of Public Health

Founder's Story

Diana Mao, Co-Founder, President of Nomi

It’s hard to believe that modern day slavery exists. It’s even harder to believe there are 32 Million slaves and that the human trafficking industry is a $99 Billion industry. Stats of human trafficking were truly meaningless to me until I witnessed the horrors of sex trafficking first hand. In 2007 I travelled to Cambodia for a micro-finance research fellowship and it was there that my eyes were opened to this unbelievable world. After that experience, human trafficking stats are not only meaningful; they are the inspiration and reason for Nomi Network.