Of the 50 million trafficked globally, women and girls make up 80% of those experiencing commercial sexual exploitation and 66% of those forced into early marriage. In our work, we know that poverty is one of the primary drivers of human trafficking because when a woman doesn’t have access to safe and sustainable work, her options are limited and she becomes vulnerable to traffickers. This is why safe, long-term employment is vital in our mission to end human trafficking. Although women have long been disadvantaged in the workplace, survivors of trafficking and women from economically marginalized backgrounds face the biggest obstacles for some of the following reasons:

  • Disrupted education due to trafficking
  • Limited access to safe job opportunities
  • Absence of a professional network and sufficient childcare options
  • Diminished sense of self-worth 

By building confidence, addressing barriers to work, creating a network of safety and support, and facilitating job placement and retention, our workforce development and empowerment initiatives remove the obstacles that survivors and economically marginalized women face when seeking safe employment.

By giving today, your donation can provide a woman or girl with technical training and job placement support needed to obtain gainful employment and disrupt cycles of poverty that keep her vulnerable to trafficking.

Your donation will empower women like Mahima, who started a fast-growing clothing business and changed her family’s perspective on what the woman’s role in the home should be. Or girls like Zoe, who, after discovering the world of computer science in our programs, plans to earn a cybersecurity certification once exiting the juvenile justice system. You’ll invest in women like Sela, who now runs a profitable chicken farming business, inspiring other women to pursue entrepreneurship instead of seeking jobs on the Thai border where they’d be vulnerable to traffickers. With their newfound income, we’ve seen thousands of Nomi Network graduates sending their girls to college, paying off family debt, or providing an opportunity for the younger women in their neighborhood. 

To see more women and girls thrive, we need your help. We know that investing in women empowers families, communities, and nations. Donate today to help us see more women and girls economically liberated to reach their full potential. 

Donate today to equip vulnerable women and girls to thrive in the global workforce and break generational cycles of poverty and exploitation.

*Donations will be MATCHED dollar for dollar up to $45K thanks to our incredible Board of Directors and other generous supporters!

Gifts by check can be made payable to: Nomi Network, PO BOX 42, New York, NY 10156

For questions on additional payment methods, please email [email protected]g

We know it’s important for your donation to be used effectively to end human trafficking. That’s why we work hard to be accountable and transparent.




We launched our Workforce Development Program in India ten years ago. Our initial curriculum focused on creating jobs in the garment industry. Today, the women in our programs become seamstresses, mushroom farmers, agriculturists, beauticians, jewelry-makers, automotive technicians, nurse assistants, accountants, and more. Watch some of their journeys below.


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