Nomi Network invites you to partner with our trainees as they gain skills and become financially independent through our Workforce Development Program. You will impact one woman in our program by providing critical support for her to overcome gender inequality and poverty, and reach her full potential. By donating $50 a month, you will provide 24 months of skills training and job placement for one woman. 


Give a women who is a survivor or at risk of human trafficking the resources, support, and skills she needs to transform her life—and the lives of her family.

Your gift today provides:

  • Life skills 

  • Technical training

  • Financial literacy

  • Job training & placement

  • Legal seminars and counsel 

  • Micro-enterprise support

As a sponsor, you will receive:

Partnership - The chance to walk alongside a woman in her journey to freedom.
Impact - Updates on the progress of the woman you sponsor.
Connection - An opportunity to write a letter to the woman you sponsor. 


1. What is Sponsorship?

Sponsorship is a financial contribution made regularly by an individual donor or an organization/company as a means of supporting a woman who is a survivor or at risk of being trafficked for a two year training and leadership development program with Nomi Network. Sponsors, through their regular contributions, help ensure that the organization's financial stability and the sponsee’s training, stipend, well being, and integration into their local community is provided for. Money is designated towards a particular Nomi Network trainee and the sponsor is provided updates from the field. $50 a month will fully support a woman in the program. 

2. What percentage of my donation is used to help the woman I choose to support?

These sponsorships support individuals in our India training program and 100% of your donation is directed towards a fund to support one woman through Nomi Network’s program from beginning to end. Any additional funds will be put towards the adolescent girls program that focuses on prevention and creating scholarships for the women’s children and family.

3. How long does my sponsorship last?

Your sponsorship lasts as long as you want it to. If the woman you are sponsoring has graduated from the program after two years, you are welcome to sponsor a new woman. Although it is our aim to establish a long-term relationship with our sponsors, you are able to cancel whenever you want, without giving notice. You can cancel your sponsorship by emailing, or by calling our office at 1-646-867-0608. 

4. How do I change my personal details?

If you would like to change your contact information or your banking information, please email, or call 1-646-867-0608.

5. What are "programs"?

Nomi Network’s Workforce Development Program serves women who are survivors or are women at risk of sex trafficking, intergenerational prostitution, or bonded labor. We currently focus on trafficking hotspots in Bihar, West Bengal, and Odisha in communities where few resources or social service providers exist. Through our Foundation Training curriculum, women are learning critical skills needed to earn a living, protect themselves and their children, and transform their communities. In addition to teaching marketable skills, Nomi Network’s program addresses psychological and social barriers to work, builds up the women’s self-confidence, and prepares them to enter the mainstream workforce. 

6. How can I make occasional extra donations? 

All donations are welcome. To make a donation, simply click the "DONATE" link at the top of this page and fill in the online form. Please let us know if you would like to designate the donation to go towards the program site the woman you are sponsoring is in. 

7. What do we do to protect the privacy of the women in the program?

The women’s right to privacy and the need to observe data protection laws are paramount. All women in Nomi Network’s program who are enrolled or on our waitlist have signed a waiver and given permission for the use of their photos and other relevant information. We believe that privacy and respect are important for the safety of both our women and their sponsors.

8. May I have a receipt for my sponsorship?

Yes, we provide tax receipts once a year for your personal tax purposes.

9. Do women receive financial support after leaving the program?

Upon graduating from Nomi Network’s Training Program, the women will no longer receive a program stipend for their work. However, they will continue to receive mentoring and guidance from our staff. Each participant is advised to save 50% of their income so they will have financial resources as they seek employment or start their own business.

10. Can I write letters to the woman I am sponsoring?

Yes, we encourage you to write an introductory letter to your sponsee and any words of encouragement throughout her journey. We will share the letter with our field staff who will translate the message for your sponsee. You can send your message to or mail a letter to PO Box 42, New York, NY 10156. If she chooses to write you back, we will be sure to translate the message and send it your way. 

11. I would love to get my network involved to sponsor more women, how can I host an event?

Thank you for your enthusiasm to help more women! We believe it takes a network to make the largest impact of all- ending slavery. We’re excited that you want to engage your network to sponsor more women. Please email us at to get started and receive your toolkit.