Why India?

  • India’s population stands at more than 1.3 billion people and is growing by approximately 15 million people each year.  The country is on track to surpass China by 2022 to become the world’s most populated country. 

  • With over 116 million people, Bihar is India’s third most populous state.

  • It is also the fifth poorest state in the country, with an overall poverty rate of 42%. However, in several districts, poverty rates may be as high as 72%.

  • Bihar has the lowest female labor participation rate in the country.

  • The caste system denies educational and work opportunities to millions, which perpetuates modern slavery.



Rural Workforce Development Program

Nomi Network’s Workforce Development Program offers a holistic approach to empowering women and adolescent girls with the critical life and technical skills needed to be successfully employed or start their own microenterprise. Nomi Network works with women and adolescent girls who are survivors or at risk of sex trafficking, intergenerational prostitution, or bonded labor. We focus on red light districts, where there are little to no resources or social service providers. Through our training model, women learn critical skills that allow them to earn a living, protect themselves and their children, and transform their communities. In addition to teaching marketable skills, Nomi Network’s curriculum also addresses psychological and social barriers to work, equipping women with confidence to enter the mainstream workforce.


Last year marked the second year of Nomi Network’s adolescent girls program. This program was launched because many of the daughters of our trainees would come to our offices in the afternoon, curious about our programs. The majority of these girls have limited education and job opportunities and as a result, face intense pressure to marry early. In response, we expanded our beautician-training program to serve girls at our program site in Kishanganj. This provides the girls with a safe place to socialize while also providing them an opportunity to learn a marketable trade. At another site, girls were able to study under a renowned painter to learn Madhubani painting, a traditional and intricate folk art of Bihar that is sought after by collectors and tourists from around the world. Our goal is to teach skills and build confidence in these young women in order to open a pathway to employment. This will help parents see a new kind of future for their daughters – one that does not involve early marriage.


Adolescent Girls Program