How Your Funds Will Be Used

Your donation will be directly invested in training and job creation, providing critical support 
for the well-being of the survivors and women at risk of human trafficking that we serve.


Training and Job Creation

Provide our women with the chance to receive vocational training in order to secure jobs. Donations help us to provide women with: 

• Job training
• Technical training

• Leadership development
• Introduction to entrepreneurship
• Program materials
• Educational scholarships for their children

Community Development

By supporting Nomi Network, you are allowing our women to receive holistic support. Our programs create community impact through the provision of the following safety, health and legal resources and services:

• Safe transportation to and from training
• Health benefits
• Food during training sessions
• Stipend during training
• Access to legal counsel and representation

Progress and Sustainability

Our goal is to train millions of women! In order to achieve this outcome we need to scale the distribution of our training curriculum, continue to deepen partnerships and alliances with brands and factories, and incubate several entrepreneurial fashion initiatives. Help us fund the development and growth of each of these initiatives:

• Curriculum distribution
• Partnership building
• Fair and free fashion initiatives


Thank you for your generous donation to Nomi Network.

All tax donation letters are issued in the beginning of the year for donations received the prior year. Please note that Nomi Network does not issue joint tax donation letters. Please be sure that the name entered when processing a donation is the name to which the tax donation letter should be issued. Thank you for your cooperation and your ongoing support!