Nomi Network’s Board of Directors is the sole collection of individuals that are responsible for setting the direction of the organization, providing oversight, and ensuring access to the necessary resources for operation. They are guardians of Nomi Network’s mission while also ensuring compliance with legal, fiduciary, and ethical standards and policies. These experienced and dynamic individuals leverage their gifts, talents, and experience to further Nomi Network’s mission, while stewarding board responsibilities and duties to enhance the organization’s success.




Board of Advisors

Nomi Network’s Board of Advisors is a network of individual subject matter experts that use their expertise and progressive thinking to assess and enhance the current and future work of the organization. These talented individuals often hold the admiration of colleagues in their respective fields and actively share about Nomi Network’s mission within their networks. Each member also has the option of raising financial support for the organization to grow its programs and mission. This group of advisors is a volunteer network and is not a governing body of Nomi Network, having no fiduciary or legally binding commitment to the organization.

An-me Chung, Mozilla Foundation
Antonio del Valle, JP Morgan Chase
Catherine Hartman, Harper++Scott
Charity Wallace, Wallace Global Impact
Danielle Classman, Target
Denise Gitsham
Edwin Keh, Hong Kong Textile Research Institute
Emily Nielson Jones, Imago Dei Fund
Gray Keller
Greg Furman, Luxury Council
Gretchen Beidl
Gayle Embrey
, Embrey Interests and Embrey Family Foundation
Hannah Chang, End Fund
Harriet Novet, Time Warner, Retired
James Vanreusel, Vanreusel Ventures
Jamie Lund, Polyphonic
Jean-Pierre Verbiest, Retired Asian Development Bank
Jonalie Korengold, Junior League
Jonathan Ward, US Embassy
Johanna Cappon
John Damonti
, Bristol Myers Squibb
Joe Salsberry
Kate Ancketill
, GDR Creative Intelligence
Kim Ogden, Bridgespan
Kinsen Siu, Lafayette 148
Lauren Embrey, Embrey Family Foundation
Leland Maschmeyer, Chobani
Maroun Mourad, Verisk
Mary Fontamillas, Fabletics
Mike Hoffman, Changing our World
Randy Belcher, Fossil
Sridhar Seshadri, University of Austin Texas
Shannon Sedgwick Davis, Bridgeway Foundation
Simon Collins
Suman Saran
, Gap
Tina Tran, Facebook
Tong Ip, Neropol
Wesley Nguyen, Workforce Training and Education Training Board
Whitney Skibell

Celebrity Endorsements

Kathy Ireland
Kevin Navayne
Mamie Gummer

Young Professionals Boards


Nomi Network’s Young Professionals Board is a passionate group of professionals whose mission is to strategically champion the mission of Nomi Network among their networks to enable programmatic and financial growth, and to help Nomi Network plan and execute events, conversations and introductions that bring the visibility of Nomi Network to the next level. The YPB also actively cultivates a community of abolitionists that have a personal commitment to this work and the women that we serve. YPB is a volunteer network and is not a governing body of Nomi Network, having no fiduciary or legally binding commitment to the organization.

Caroline Hughes, Chair
Akansha Mishra
Alex Pelan
Amelia Silvestri
Anna Zhang
Annika Mitic
Ashley Hofkens
Brandi Marsh
Breann Thomas
Christina Bauman
Esther Frances
Janel Koloski
Kurt Kachidza
Laura Murphy
Lauren Castellano
Linda La
Marlee Walters
Mary-Elizabeth Dooner
Melvilin Rodriguez
Michelle Pomerantz
Mira Joyner
Serena Fill
Shivani Honwad
Stephen Robinson